My final family Holiday

Posted by Ben on 10:26 PM, 24-May-10

I can't believe it. My dad has decided that because i'm going to uni and will not get any free summers for the next few years that he is gonna take us all to paris its so awesome i can't believe it we're going to euro disney and gonna do the whole family tourist thing. I'm so excited i just can't believe it!


Posted by Ben on 07:39 PM, 21-May-10

Ok so one day i was lookin to see what we had for lunch and i found a tub of gravy so i immediately made some and ate it with bread however this has now become an addiction and i regularly eat it! Also pure orange is so good i drink about half a carton a day now. Oh and... [Read More]


Posted by Ben on 12:03 AM, 11-May-10

Knife in your back... Stabbed by a lover... Revenge by poison... Lover is definately going to lose

Help i'm a hormonal teenager

Posted by Ben on 05:37 AM, 05-May-10

I've just lost it again! I spent the last half hour crying cause my mum is in pain! Its nothing new but it just hit me hard tonight for some reason and i just cried about it!i'm losing my sense and no offence to girls but i'm kinda turning into a woman lol in all seriousness its just a huge... [Read More]

Playing a love game

Posted by Ben on 04:49 AM, 04-May-10

You take my heart and throw it to the dogs then you pick it up and try to make it whole again. Not long after its semi repaired you get bored and put it on a shelf you leave it for ages and one day you remember its there but by that time someone else has come and made it... [Read More]

I want a baby

Posted by Ben on 02:22 PM, 30-Apr-10

Is it really wrong for a gay couple to adopt a baby? I really want a baby of my own as well yet it seem's complicated with finding the egg and finding someone to carry the baby! Why can't gay men have children like normal couples i just want the chance to be the proud daddy at the first day... [Read More]

Argh! Why do they do this

Posted by Ben on 06:19 PM, 29-Apr-10

Every ex boyfriend i've had seems to want to ruin my life! As if i'm not fragile enough they make it worse sometimes i can't even get out of bed without the fear that i'm gonna relieve my nightmare past! I just wanna be free of it and of them killing them would solve everything but i'm not a murder!

First post of my blog

Posted by Ben on 08:52 PM, 28-Apr-10

Randoms! My life is completely full of random guys trying to impress me! The guys i like turn out to be complicated or only want sex or one off meet ups! If your a gay guy or even bi then ask yourself this does your lifestyle inhibit having a normal relationship with someone!